Charles Lovato, friend and contemporary of R.C. Gorman 

Charles Lovato, friend and contemporary of R.C. Gorman was from Santo Domingo Pueblo, and was widely known for his jewelry before he began to paint and do lithographs. Recognition in this new field came swiftly when he won a major award at the Heard Museum in Phoenix. 

SUNRISE is a visual affirmation of the artist's appreciation of the gifts of life and the deep bond between man, the physical world, and the universe. SUNRISE represents the whole world - the water, the earth's surface and the sky. A beautiful bowl illustrates man's creativity, while an ear of corn attests to corn's value as the staff of life. Charles Lovato expresses his thanks for the animals, birds, and turquoise, while demonstrating that the Pueblo Indian's religion is personal and all encompassing and that he is in harmony with the natural and supernatural worlds. 

Lovato has had many one-man shows and is represented in galleries in California, Oklahoma, Texas, and New York, as well as in New Mexico. He is listed in Who's Who in American Art. 

SUNRISE, measures 30" x 18", in an edition of 125. SUNRISE was the last lithograph by Charles Lovato before his death in 1988.   Published by Western Graphics Workshop, Inc.

Western Graphics Workshop, Inc. has been publishing lithographs, posters and books for over twenty-five years.

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