Western Graphics Workshop, Inc. 

P.O. Box 375 * Corona, New Mexico 88318 * Phone/Fax (575) 849-1209

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 Western Graphics Workshop, Inc. is happy to begin their 30th year as New Mexico's leading lithography studio


Western Graphics has long been recognized as the leading and most innovative lithography workshop in the United States, specializing in Southwest Art. 

Established in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1975; Western Graphics is located in its 10,000 square foot facilities located on the beautiful 6,500 acre Adams Ranch near Corona, New Mexico, a short drive south of Santa Fe.

Working with a full range of artist styles and lithographic techniques, Western Graphics has over a thirty year period produced and/or published lithographs for more than ninety different artists, including such noted Southwest artists as Fritz Scholder, Ed Singer, R.C. Gorman, Paul Pletka, Charles Lovato, Nick Abdalla, Ben Q. Adams, Nancy Steen, Bill Moyers, Bill Owens, Steve Forbis, Jerry Ingram, Walt Johnston, Virginia Stroud, Sonia Gechtoff, Steve Hanks, Katalin Ehling and many others. The workshop offers a large selection of lithographs, particularly by Indian and Western artists, as well as more contemporary images. Works available in other media include etchings, serigraphs, paintings, drawings, bronze sculpture, posters and books

New to our site is Virtual Gallery which offers collectors the opportunity to sell their artwork.

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