Pat Harrison at Western Graphics Workshop, Inc.


Pat Harrison, a native of the Southwest, for fifty years has been painting the region's unique tri-cultural society, its rich colors and massive land formations. She has had 17 one-artist and two-artist shows, participated in fifty-three juried exhibitions as well as group and invitational shows in museums and galleries in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Texas and New York. Pat's work is also included in numerous office collections of banks, doctors, lawyers as well as private collections around the U.S., the former Yugoslavia, Canada, and Britain.


From 1969 - 1977, she was a partner in Galeria del Sol, an Old Town Gallery with Jane Mabry, Carol McIlroy and Betty Sabo.

Pat in 1989, joined efforts with fellow artist, Charlie Burk, and completed some 60 murals for Intel Corporation in Rio Rancho and Chandler, AZ. Their collaboration also resulted in commissions for backdrops for two New York City Toy Fairs, Sandia National Labs, Veteran's Hospital, Presbyterian Hospital, Public Service Company of New Mexico, Lovelace Clinic, MacArthur Elementary School, Albuquerque, NM, Whitewater Elementary School, Chee Dodge Elementary School and Stagecoach Elementary School all in Gallup, NM. In addition to mural work, Pat and Charlie designed the "Tiger Tank" for Los Lunas High School and the water tank in Corrales Municipal Center. In 2000, they completed a major project for the city of Las Cruces that involved 37,000 square feet of painting.

Charlie and Pat, in 1995, began what has become a long term relationship with Wildlife Trading Company of New Mexico. This relationship with WTCNM began with designing the shops and painting murals at the Albuquerque Zoo and Aquarium. At present, they are consultants for WTCNM for other zoo and aquarium shops around the country and abroad. Pat is currently working on shops in the Virgin Islands and in Malta.

Pat studied architecture and Fine Arts at Texas Tech University and was awarded a degree in Fine Arts in 1967. Over the ensuing years, her interests in architecture have continued along with her art. She has designed and engineered working drawings for 27 up-scale, free-form, passive solar adobe homes mostly in Sandia Heights, Albuquerque, NM.

In 1989, Pat received a nomination and a "Women on the Move" award for community service. Her work is recognized in publications which include New Mexico Magazine, September/October 1973, Who's Who in American Art, 1976 and subsequent editions, Take Five, KNME Publication, February 1985, Albuquerque Monthly, July 1989, and An Encyclopedia of Women Artists of the American West, Kovinick, Yoshiki-Kovinick, and Goetzmann, University of Texas Press, 1998.

Presently Pat is developing a new style, painting in oil with a very limited palette. Her present work also features a series of paintings of burros, which are based upon her travels abroad and personal experiences with burros. "Burros are amazing little creatures with their patience, great hearts, phenomenal strength and charming demeanor (sometimes!). I can't help but wonder what goes through their little minds as they, at times, are asked do impossible tasks; yet they wait with inordinate patience for the next job. I can't help but give them human thoughts when I find them in various situations, thus the titles in 'The Burro Series' paintings."



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