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Jerry Ingram

Seldom does one find an artist who blends such a stunning sense of design with such a rich awareness of his cultural heritage.  Ingram's work is precise and detailed, yet fluid and free.  The natural balance and composition of his work reflect a special sensitivity that reveals a new dimension to even familiar subjects.  His work is an outstanding blend of traditional values and contemporary technique.

Ingram was raised on a farm in southeast Oklahoma by his Choctaw mother and his Cherokee father.  His great-grandparents had walked to the Indian Territory form North Carolina on the infamous Trail of Tears.  Although Jerry's early ambition was to be a lumberjack like his father, his preoccupation with painting and drawing won out and his attended the Institute of American Indian Arts and Okalahoma State Tech. He had his first one-man show in the council house of the Creek Indian Nation.



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