Jace's 3rd visit to Grandpa and Grandma's ranch

Oct 25-31, 2002


I am visiting with Grandpa's good friend Dee Proctor; he was the little boy who found the UFO with Mac Brazel in 1947, Dee was seven years old then.  He is famous.





I am tired from all of the excitement from talking about the UFO so I have to take a short nap/


Mickey (Mouse) is holding my hand -- my Mommy and Daddy bought him for me during our trip to Japan last week.





Go Broncos.... Sorry Daddy but remember the old saying "When in Rome...."



Look I am playing football too



Yea, Ed McCaffery just made a touch down.... Go Broncos.....



I am waiting for Grandma to take my picture at the exact time I was born seven months ago.






I am with my Grandpa Ben, I love him so much



Grandma is really having fun... she keeps telling everyone I look like Auntie Monica so now she has pictures of Monica scanned in to show everyone.




I agree with Grandma -- Monica and I are pretty... she looks like a girl and I am a big boy.  Monica is 7 1/2 month old in the photos.

Mommy, Daddy and Uncle Benko I Grandma needs baby pictures too.


Grandma put a photos up of Uncle Benko and Mommy when they were little kids.




Grandma also put in a photo Uncle Charles when he was two months old.