Walt Johnston at Western Graphics Workshop, Inc.


1932 - 2018


Whether flowers bathed in sunlight or a quiet corner of rural America glowing in hushed sunset, the subject makes no difference. To Walt Johnston the physical scene is only a vehicle to transport us into the world of painted emotion so we can wander and dream.

As Walt says of the hurried world around us, "All the sound ends in silence, and the silence neverdies. I try to paint the silence." Gentle memory...inner peace...tranquility...all combined in a reality that goes beyond mere accuracy. "After all," says Walt, "the ultimate abstraction is reality."

Over the years Walt's work has been included in juried exhibitions, where he has been a frequent prizewinner; the National Academy of Design, Butler Institute of American Art, Carnegie Institute, Audubon Artists, Boston Printmakers and more, including three purchase awards from the state of New Mexico. He is represented in major public and private collections worldwide.


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