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Celebrate Gorman's 72nd Birthday by answering the following questionnaire.  Answer all questions correctly and win free posters.

Answer ALL of the  questions correctly and win ten free posters.

Where and when was Gorman born?

Who is his step-mother?

How many sisters does Gorman have?  Name them.

How many brothers does Gorman have?  Name them.

How long did Gorman really study in Mexico?

What did Andy Warhol say about Gorman in his Diaries?

Where did Gorman "really study" sculpture and lithography?

Who is Gorman's "favorite" newspaper columnist?

Who is Clifton Klotz?

What is Gorman's worst fear?

Who did Gorman want to open a gallery with in Vallejo, California?       Bonus 5 extra posters for correct answer.

** Win 10% off Gorman's Woman From San Juan for giving the correct answer for the last question.-- Current Retail Price $2,000.00 **
Western Graphics Price $650.00 plus 10% off.

What does Tl'-ashchi' beyeh  mean?               






What is your Birthday wish for Gorman?

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