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  Fritz Scholder


    Fritz Scholder was 25 years old before he openly identified himself as American Indian.
    Despite his vow to never paint anything "Indian," it was his depictions of Indians in the late 1960s and early 1970s that launched him into the stratosphere of the international art world.
    Scholder, along with other contemporaries such as T.C. Cannon, is credited with forever changing how American Indians were regarded in contemporary art.
    "He broke the mold for Indian style. It was not the old romantic paintings. He's the one that really set the stage," said James McGrath, a retired art director for Santa Fe's Institute of American Indian Arts.


  “Thank you dear Fritz. Your spirit is still with us and you left us an extraordinary body of work that portrayed the mystery of life at its best and most beautiful, at its worst and most painful. You showed us the humorous and absurd, love and passion in its darkest and brightest moments. Yes, you felt it all. “Now, rest in peace.”

David Witt, curator at the Harwood Art Museum in Taos, New Mexico



Seated Lady in Chair
30" x 22"
$1,500.00  Special Reduced Price




Seated Crucified Woman II
30" x 22"


Fritz Scholder Indians Forever Suite



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